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I dont know. I just dont see the need to hide and so deny the chance of entering into further discussion and maybe achieve something?It's amazing what people will say when they can remain hidden. In the real world they just talk behind your back and back stab.

See that I come back. That means that I enjoyed my four years here and have a great passion for Ithaca College. That I was a p_layer_ here and went through everything our p_layer_s are going through now all the hard work, the lifting, the running that seems to resonate with them.

That pretty much set the pattern. Mark Waugh, who began with a gorgeous cover drive off the first ball he faced, settled down to do what an out of form batsman should on a track like this he guided the ball around, never looking to force his shots, concentrating instead on staying there and adding runs to his name, getting the scoreboard ticking over and rotating the strike. It was the 27th over before he got his next four but he had by then crossed his 50, and was motoring along nicely, having seemingly shaken away his personal gremlins and looking well on the way to full recovery.
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Key EventsBarca 5 0 Celta player ratings21
phoebesss 08/06/2018 19:45
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