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Cancelled social events (1 inceleyen) (1) Ziyaretçi
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BAŞLIK: Cancelled social events
kevinmanuel (Kullanıcı)
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Cancelled social events 4 Ays ago Başarı: 0  

As you all know, we need to hold various well supported social events during the course of the year to bring in much needed funds. Unfortunately, we decided to cancel the annual Cocktail night this year due to a lack of interest on the previous years event.However, Bob decided to try to generate interest in a regular Monday night 'Whist drive'. Once again it was a great dissapointment that only 6 members turned up causing the event to be cancelled and at the same time causing Bob to reflect and decide to limit his involvment in any future Social events.Over the past 4 years we have regularly brought in funds totaling £1500 per annum. If we are to meet this target this year we will need 100% more committment and support from you, the, members, so I can only hope that the next social event will show that you do want a viable social side to our club rather than committing to a regular increase in annual membership fees to make up the shortfall. Please support your Social Committee

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Cancelled social events
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